Scientific-Philosophical Basis

Science shows that our genome has barely changed since 160,000 years ago, so, if we properly stimulate our body, we must find a way more similar to those physical stimuli received by our genes for hundreds of thousands of years.

Paleotraining is a training system that seeks exactly that: to stimulate consistently our genes and generate 5 effects(health, silhouette, posture, proportion and performance), and adds a distinct and valuable value to those offered by other functional training systems.

Currently there is no method that includes health, silhouette, posture, proportion and performance and effects as does the Paleotraining Paleotraining means re-evolution as it seeks to regain health and physical fitness those preceded our origins as humans.

Paleotraining means skill, it invests much time in the execution of 200 exercises drawn from the 15 drills that Paleo human being needed for survival. After two years of evolution since its inception, Paleotraining is a perfect physical training system for humans.

Paleotraining health is a method that results from a combination of intense, short and varied functional exercise, and customized nutritional programs based on paleolithic nutrition. Both pillars generate changes that are carefully measured through anthropometric checks carried out by clinical experts in exercise and nutrition.

Paleotraining, with a solid scientific base, advocating a return to the past to offer the chance to enjoy a healthy future. Because of its training model, Paleotraining, is accessible to anyone, regardless of sex, age, physical condition, etc. Offering great advantages to all people who have little time for sports, for the type of training of short duration and high intensity developed.

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