Effects of Method

  • 1. Health:

    Paleotraining brings health as the paleodiet does, a nutrition which provides health above other effects such as weight loss or gain muscle mass. The paleodiet reduces inflammation and regulates the activity of the immune and endocrine systems, as is the model of nutrition joining perfectly with the human genome and hence its effect on health. Paleotraining does exactly the same.

    Being a training system that copy the model of physical activity Palaeolithic, it is assembled perfectly with our Palaeolithic genes that still compose us, and its practicing brings health beyond generating gain muscle and strength and fat loss effects , those you also get of course.

  • 2. Silhouette:

    Paleotraining adopts the “Silhouette Concept " which describes the importance of maintaining a young and slender silhouette but as years accompany us, and explains how the silhouette reports the state of health of people, downplaying other informers elements of aging such as age or skin wrinkles. We lost the beautiful curves and shapes of human beings, and Paleotraining retrieves and develops it.

  • 3.Posture:

    Paleotraining born as a therapeutic exercise program for patients with lumbar problems, dorsal and cervical spine, and restrictions of the shoulder joint. Using these exercises recovers body extension, loss universally today. This effect produces an upright posture even in older, more typical of this age lack. As the creators of this method are clinical and biomechanical experts, proper body and therapeutic use is guaranteed and this is an added value very important in Paleotraining.

  • 4. Body Proportion:

    Proportion of body tissues with increased lean mass and decreased visceral fat, and also in the balanced and proportionate volumes of body development, while maintaining ratios between the shoulder girdles and beautiful and right lumbar waist. Paleotraining develops a balanced body in both men and women.

  • 5. Physical and Sports Performance:

    Paleotraining works through the 15 drills that humans did originally to survive. Through them, recovers and powers 12 physical abilities that we have lost, and returns man and woman in physically versatile human beings . It also uses 100 workouts still close to the Homo Sapiens that we still are, all based on the 5 fundamentals of Paleotraining: functionality, intensity, variability, biomechanics and fasting.

    Paleotraining is "exercises that are movements" and “workouts that are situations in life of our ancestors" and in the framework of the 5 fundamental; its practice generates health, silhouette, posture, body proportion and physical and athletic performance.

So Paleotraining is beyond any other Training system.

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