Training intensities are divided into 6 levels: 3 Aerobics and 3 Anaerobic.

  • a. Aerobic 1 or AE1: minimum level of intensity (we can whistle while we exercise)
  • b. Aerobic 2, or AE2: second intensity level (we can talk while we exercise)
  • c. SuperAeróbico or MOX: maximum intensity aerobic (we can talk while we exercise, but with difficulty, haltingly)
  • d. Anaerobic 1 or LACTATE tolerance or TOL (and we can not speak, but not just to limit intervals)
  • e. Anaerobic 2 or lactate Endurance or REL (inability to speak and ended with fatigue intervals)
  • f. Alactic Anaerobic or MAX (maximum speed and intensity. Only sprints)


This method maintains a programming structure or periodization based on:

  • 1. A "Paleo Year" according to the ATR professional model
  • 2. Four progressive macrocycles of 3 mesocycles each:
    • Accumulation mesocycle
    • Transformation mesocycle
    • Performance mesocycle
  • 3. Ten types of structured microcycle based on level of intensity and volume
    • Precontest week
    • RECOVERY 1 week
    • RECOVERY 2 week
    • RECOVERY 3 week
    • LOAD 1 week
    • LOAD 2 week
    • LOAD 3 week
    • SHOCK 1 week
    • SHOCK 2 week
    • SHOCK 3 week
  • 4. Five types of week as training days:
    • 6-day week
    • 5-day week
    • 4-day week
    • 3-day week
    • 2-day week

Training sessions are always included within the periodized structured planning: This is a method that quantifies each repetition, every movement, every drill, every level of intensity and every moment of the year in which the user is located or focused.

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