Paleotraining fundamentals

  • The functionality of exercises: Paleotraining is not a training system that uses combinations of exercises, but combinations of human drills like jumping, pushing, crawling, moving, etc.
  • Intensity levels: Paleotraining trains with different levels of intensity in their workouts, where HIIT, MIIT and LIIT training workouts improves the resilience of long and short duration efforts.
  • The variability of types of workouts and exercises: adaptation to stimuli generates loss of performance. Movements in Paleotraining 200 and 100 types of sessions generate unlimited possibilities of combinations, which preserve variability as an important value in the effectiveness of any training system.
  • Strategic fasting and proper nutrition: move “empty” is basic need to stimulate our energy systems and our reward system. Human beings can not feel motivated moving if already "filled their energy needs." Also, eat before moving decreases strongly, the possibility of using all energy metabolism for several hours after the intake. On the other hand we have to apply the paleolithic nutrition, based on food intake that only existed in that era, as the only way of proper nutrition for humans. Paleotraining only be understood in this context of fasting and paleo nutrition.
  • Biomechanics: the universal loss of body extension in the cervical spine, dorsal, lumbar and shoulder joint, is indeed sedentary lifestyle and exaggerated hours in positions related to body front flexion like sitting at work, eating, resting on the couch, while driving, etc. Paleotraining combat this effect and biomechanics uses as its clear support to provide the recovery of the global extension of the human body.

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