A Paleotrainer is a trainer a PaleoBOX. It is a Trainer who has passed the examinations of the Level II.he knows the perfect execution of the 200 movements that build the PaleotrainingTM system and all the 100 training sessions and all related to the basic methodology. In addition, the Trainer has complete knowledge of nutrition and supplementation for certain user goals to complete the effects of the method.

Paleotraining ™ is a periodization training system, planned, controlled and modulated with a methodology based on the ATP training model (Accumulation, Transformation and Performance). Trainers are able to modulate on 3 types of mesocycles, and 10 types of microcycle, which are organized according to the needs and competitive or noncompetitive user goals.withoit methodology there is no improvement without risk. This differentiates ™ Paleotraining to any other functional training system, which based its success in the alleatorious mix of movements and systems, aimless and uncontrolled stimuli.

Paleotraining ™ is created as a training system to improve health and performance in any sport as a basis of a complete physical condition and as theorem of global health in the twenty-first century.

Trainer in Paleotraining ™, has knowledge of training methodology, theoretical and practical, in Paleotraining ™ Method, as well as basic knowledge to perform the necessary clinical role in developing anthropometry control programs for all users. On the other hand, the Paleo Trainier can advise on nutrition and supplementation applied to sport.

In Paleotraining ™, every month, every week and every training session has an intensity related to the PI (POD Intensity) which is a value representing the intensity level of the training session, through a complex algorithm that includes all parameters involved in the development of a planned stimulus.

The trainer in Paleotraining ™, is able to assist the user on how to combine and apply the Paleotraining ™ to other sports.

The trainer in Paleotraining ™ understands and handle all necessary planning parameters to adapt the training session to all users, whatever your goals are. In addition, with the anthropometric measurements you can control the evolution of the changes that occur in Paleotraining ™ users, in relation to fat mass and lean mass, and thus to further customising specific objectives of the trained person

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